"Graph-Based Social Media Analysis"

Edited by Prof Ioannis Pitas, 2015

     Distributor: Chapman and Hall/CRC,  Amazon,
     ISBN-13: 9781498719049,
     1st Edition: Hardcover  - 424 pages,

     Dimensions: 9.1” x 6.6” (23.1 x 16.76 cm).

Scope: Focused on the mathematical foundations of social media analysis, Graph-Based Social Media Analysis provides a comprehensive introduction to the use of graph analysis in the study of social and digital media. It addresses an important scientific and technological challenge, namely the confluence of graph analysis and network theory with linear algebra, digital media, machine learning, big data analysis, and signal processing. Supplying an overview of graph-based social media analysis, the book provides readers with a clear understanding of social media structure. It uses graph theory, particularly the algebraic description and analysis of graphs, in social media studies. This book is an ideal reference for scientists and engineers working in social media and digital media production and distribution. It is also suitable for use as a textbook in undergraduate or graduate courses on digital media, social media, or social networks.


Book chapters:

·         Graphs in Social and Digital Media

·         Mathematical Preliminaries: Graphs and Matrices 

·         Algebraic Graph Analysis 

·         Web Search Based on Ranking 

·         Label Propagation and Information Diffusion in Graphs

·         Graph-Based Pattern Classification and Dimensionality Reduction 

·         Matrix and Tensor Factorization with Recommender System Applications 

·         Multimedia Social Search Based on Hypergraph Learning 

·         Graph Signal Processing in Social Media 

·         Big Data Analytics for Social Networks 

·         Semantic Model Adaptation for Evolving Big Social Data

·         Big Graph Storage, Processing and Visualization 

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Prof. Ioannis Pitas (IEEE fellow, IEEE Distinguished Lecturer, EURASIP fellow) works on digital media at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. He has published over 800 papers, contributed in 44 books in his areas of interest, and edited or co-authored another 10 books. He has also been a member of the program committee of many scientific conferences and workshops. In the past, he has served as an associate editor or co-editor of eight international journals and was General or Technical Chair of four international conferences. He participated in 68 R&D projects, primarily funded by the European Union and is/was principal investigator/researcher in 40 such projects. He has 20600+ citations to his work and h-index 67+ (2015).