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3-D Image Processing Algorithms


  • Introduction
  • Volume Filtering
  • 3-D Discrete Fourier Transform and its Applications
  • Topological and Geometrical Features of 3-D Objects
  • Region Segmentation and Edge Detection
  • Skeletonization and Registration
  • Visualization
  • EIKONA3D: A 3-D Image Processing Package
  • Hardcover - 192 pages (October 2000) John Wiley & Sons; ISBN: 0471377368

            This authoritative guide presents and explains numerous 3-D image processing, analysis, and visualization techniques, including volume filtering, interpolation, 3-D discrete Fourier transform, evaluation of topological and geometrical features, region segmentation and edge detection, skeletonization and registration, and visualization. Necessary theoretical background is provided for each topic, along with a number of algorithms, selected on the basis of their acceptance by the scientific community. The presentation of each technique includes a commented implementation, either in C code or in C-like pseudocode. This combination of theoretical treatment and C code implementation allows readers to gain a thorough insight into these techniques.

            Based on the author's long experience in research and teaching of 2-D/3-D image processing, 3-D Image Processing Algorithms is an indispensable resource for electrical, computer and biomedical engineers, as well as computer graphics professional and programmers.

    Important features of 3-D Image Processing Algorithms include:

  • A demo version of EIKONA3D 3-D image processing software
  • Lab exercises based on EIKONA3D
  • Accompanying transparencies summarizing the most important topics

  •         EIKONA3D software can be downloaded from www.alphatecltd.com

            Multimedia material can be obtained from ftp.wiley.com/public/sci_tech_med/3D_image

            Order the book online from www.wiley.com and www.amazon.com